Immersion Water Heaters Repair / Replacement

A faulty immersion heater can be extremely inconvenient, leaving you without hot water until the problem is resolved. An immersion heater is essentially an electric heating element. It is typically found in domestic water cylinders used to provide us with hot water. From time to time the elements may become faulty and will need to be replaced. The elements continuously expand and contract with heating, and eventually, the protective covering can give way. Immersion water heater faults are actually quite a common occurrence after a period of use, the most common fault being due to limescale buildup within the cylinder. A competent electrician from the First Action team will be happy to assist you, ensuring your hot water system is back up and running as soon as possible.

First Action can quickly respond to any emergency call related to your water heater repair or replacement. Our service is fast, secure affordable and can often be provided on the same-day electric. Our fully qualified team are on hand at all times to ensure that your heater is operating to the highest standard at all times. our professional team in First Action will give upfront prices and a break-down cost of what needs to be done to have a fully functional immersion water heater.

Immersion Water Heaters

Immersion Heaters

Our qualified and competent immersion heater specialists can inspect any fault to ensure a professional restoration of your immersion heater to full functionality. Our plumbers can efficiently complete this task with no problems.

Immersion heaters are very important appliance for homeowners, tenants and rest of UK families and we are here to support emergency call to repair and replace the fault to keep the warmth of your property.  

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