Full and Partial Rewire

First Action offer full and partial electrical rewire services. If you are doing renovations or any home improvements (kitchen or loft extensions, etc.) your electrical system may need to be partially rewired to accommodate the changes. Also if your electrical equipment is over 40 years old it may need rewiring completely, but even if it is not, your electrical installation may get damaged and will suffer from wear and tear over time, whether by you or a previous owner. So you should get a professional electrician to check its condition at least every 10 years or when you move into a new property. Clear signs that can help you tell the age of equipment in the electrical installation in your home include the following.

In the event you do need a full or partial re-wire then please call the team at First Action Electrical to schedule a NO OBLIGATION free site visit to discuss your needs in greater detail. We will happy to give you a quotation once we’ve seen exactly what your individual needs are. Call us now!

  • Fixed cables coated in black rubber (which stopped being used in the 1960s).
  • Fixed cables coated in lead or fabric (used before the 1960s).
  • A fuse box with a wooden back, cast-iron switches, or a mixture of fuse boxes (used before the 1960s).
  • Older round pin sockets, braided flex hanging from ceiling roses, brown (or black) switches, or sockets mounted in or on skirting boards (used before the 1960s).
Electrical rewire

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